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    Question Computer Keyboards

    ok, this is gonna sound realy really odd...but here goes anyway.

    Im not sure if that is possible. but i guess ill still ask, its worth a shot.

    My mom has a keyboard...this logitech something or other and she really likes it.
    the only problem is when other people are on the computer. the clicking noise from the keyboard kept her awake at night...so she bought one of those 'virtually indestructible' keyboards that are all like, silicone or whatever, and are basically silent when you type on them...she had asked me if there is any way to hook up both keyboards at the same time, so that she can use her normal keyboard with all the shortcut buttons and whatnot, and yet later, when ppl are sleeping in the house, to use the other keyboard...i was looking into it and found that one is USB and one is PS2...and i didn know if you could use both at the same time, so i thought i would make a post on here, and see if anybody could help me......

    thanks everybody
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    Don't mean to sound like an a**hole but wouldn't it be easier just to switch them out as you need them than to have 2 keyboards cluttering up your desk space? btw I don't think I have ever seen anything that would allow you to do so.

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    see thats what i would rather do, but the 2 keyboard bit is what my mom wanted(shes got a big comp. desk, so actually it wouldnt cluttere) but i agree, switching them would be easier
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    im nopt sure how key boards work but i know you can use 2 mouses at same time. I have a cordless optical pluged into my usb port the a regular ps2 optical pluged in and ready to go as a spare incase the batteries in the cordless die. That way if im in the middle of a game and the batteries go out i just grab the the ps2 untill i get a chance to change batteries

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