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Thread: The tutorial on Trojan Horse (amost everything)

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    The tutorial on Trojan Horse (amost everything)

    I put a lotttttttt of work into this post..considering i don't know a lot about trojan so i didn't so research...hope it help's u

    I don't have a lot of knowledge about trojan horses....but i will try....
    I know that hackers now don't use Trojan horse...But some do...Please don't use to abuse what am write this is for people that don't know about Trojan Horses, and takes them one step closer to being a real hacker..thanx and ENJOY!!!!!!!!

    Before a Trojan Horse program can attack, it must first find a way to entice the person to copy, download, and run it.Since a few people don't run 'malicious' programs, Trojan Horses must disguise themselves as other programs, that the victim believes to be harmless "like games,ext" to an existing program. To do this hackers use programs called saran wrap,silk rope.

    How to spread it.( remember this is for your knowledge and not to abuse it).

    To spread a TroJan horse is to send a file attachment into a bulletin board system ( knowin as BBS ), chat rooms, and through IRC.

    Becare!!!!!!!! when chating!!!!!!!

    A lot of hackers send people in chat rooms Trojan Horses, by becoming friendly with the person and saying that there going to send u a hacker program or a porngraphic file. And when the victem opens that file, BOOM it strikes.. lol had to say that..

    The types of Trojan horses.

    -Displaying taunting or annoying messages.
    -Wipes out data
    -Stealing infomation such as a password
    -Placing a virus or another Trojan Horse on your computer
    -allowing remote access to your computer

    The joke Trojan Horse (which isn't as funny as me!!! rofl)

    A joke Trojan cuse no damage but may play an annoying sound from your computer speakers,display a taunting message on the computer sreen (like now wiping out system32 file or things to that matter), or warp the appearance of your computer sreen.

    Destructive Trojan

    This can wipe out your whole hard drive and displaying a taunting message on the sreen, u can tell if u have a destructive Tojans by your hard drive making these grinding noise.

    Where can i get a Trojan horse

    U can get a program called Bo2k at http://www.bo2k.com/ (Back office program)<<(Bo2k) where u can download a copy of a trojan horse

    How not to get a trojan house

    First off use coommon sense (don't open files from people u don't know like from chat room,Ext) and download load a protective tool from this web site http://www.subseven.org/

    Myself i don't use trojan but...........

    Well trojan are out dated i know i know but some people don't know about this, i hope this opened a new world for yourself

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