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Thread: The Hacker Diaries:Confessions of teenage hackers

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    The Hacker Diaries:Confessions of teenage hackers

    This was a very good book, it told the story of many whitehat and black hat hackers. and it also gave many recorces to newbies likemy self who are just entering this world now. I would recomend it to all.
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    yes i also have read the book and it really helps you apprieciate what a hacker is, and why they hack. get this book!

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    I definitely agree with y'all. I especially liked the story about how 2600Genocide was founded.
    It's also a good source of knowledge for non-hackers to better understand the hacker culture.
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    This is a first class book, it really does make you feel the vital difference between white and blackhats and gives you a vital insight into the life and mind of a hacker. 5/5 If you only read one book this year make it this one hehe
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    I just finished this book and I agree that it was very good. It makes me appreciate hackers, white or black hat, much more and also makes me want to learn as much as possible. Makes me want to be a certified ethical hacker for my profession.

    So like all the hackers in the book... I need to get reading!

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    yea ive read this book soo much the book is falling apart....fav story was genocides
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    If you lot like that book, have you read "Stealing the network - How to own a box" (Part 1), and "Stealing the network - How to own a Continent" They also very cool, and they teach you other tools, which are not commonly in use. Also some of the other usage of common tools, which as Hping2.

    CHeck it out!!

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    This was definitely a gr8 buy, 1 of the best books I've read. I give it 5 stars, especially for the Genocide story. Top stuff.

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