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Thread: BIOS/SETUP Admin. Password

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    Question BIOS/SETUP Admin. Password

    I was GIVEN a computer today(400mhz, 128ram, 64vid) and I need to format the drive....It's boot order starts with Removable Devices, HARD DRIVE, and then CD rom.... Whoever had it before the person who gave it to me never told them the Admin. Password to go into setup to change the Boot Order... So I cannot get it to boot on my CD...I need to find a way to crack the password!! Can anyone help me?? Lemme know, I would greatly appreciate it...if you need more information--let me know!


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    their should be a switch on the board that will erase the passwds and set the bios to default...bay be a 3pin set with a jumper or some dip switches....if all else fails pull the batterie on the motherboard and let it sit for a min or so then replace the battery and boot......that should take care of it
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    You replied to a thread over a year old? One would hope that he would have found the solution by now.
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