Hello all!

My name is Louie. I just found this site threw doing a search on google.com . So far I like it, have a lot of good ideas plus also good info.

Just to let you guys about me. I'm a computer user that worked in a E-company after getting layed off. Right now I'm trying to learn how to become a good Admin for window's systems. I know how to load 98/XP/NT/Server2000. But I would also like to get really into it as a admin. At home I have like 2 box one win98 the other one running win2000 pro, and working on a linux box. I'm also working on getting my MCSE or MCSA

I'm here to learn as much as I can from all you smart guys & gals. So if you have any good ideas or sites that might help me with my search on being a good Admin for windows let me know.

Nice meeting you all.