does ipv6 contain holes
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Thread: does ipv6 contain holes

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    Question does ipv6 contain holes

    does the newly developed ipv6 contain the weaknesses as present system

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    I don't think it is fully developed yet, and if it is, I'm sure there are problems that will be discovered both before and after it is implemented. As far as the attention they intend to pay to security, I don't know. I'd love to get some links to some info, I'm gonna go looking now, love to see anything anyone else can dig up.

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    Lets see IP v.6 is bascily bran new and hasn't been tested by the masses yet, It contains holes.
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    IPv6 itself is a standard and AFAIK, it does not inherently have security problems (an example of an inherently flawed system would be telnet, which passes information in plain text). However, implemenations of IPv6 can and probably will have numerous flaws which will be fixed as they are found. So, Microsofts or Linux's or Solaris's implementation of IPv6 may have holes, but IPv6 itself, as a protocol/standard doesn't have flaws.
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