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    nice post but if you want a quick no install operating system try white glove linux (all.net)

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    TheFiend, I liked your initial post... I was just trying to expand on it, nothing negative. Nor was i directly responding to you with regards to what people should know, I thought someone else made a comment about what is good to know for a hacker/security person.

    Also those trusted systems are good for selection if you wish to run a secure server of some type, so it fits in with this thread. I am not sure why I got negative feedback.

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    Post Os

    Win 98SE is the best Windows OS, you can hack it to fix errors yourself, which is really what you want

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    Actually i like Windows 98 SE, i used it alot back in the day, i liked it, it was easy to use which i needed (iv only had a computer for 3 years, and before that i didnt even know how to turn one on) and i learn from Windows 95 and mostly Windows 98 SE, you can play games on it, its better than 95 and ME and also you can use DOS things on it, and its not a RAM hog unless you leave it up a few days (which i have with no crashes) and also you can use alot of things on it, alot of prograns run on it and also it has some nice media tools, i still use it once in a while when i reformat my Linux box, just because most of the easier partition tools i have use 98 SE easily, and sometimes i dont have time for CLI partitioning. I like Windows, i mean everyone flames Windows alot, but for me, i enjoy using it, i rarely had a problem with it and also, it was easy to partition with and use other OSs, i give Windows respect because its not as bad as people say, maybe i just learned how to secure the Windows box and keep updates but i hardly ever have problems with it.

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    Which OS?

    That was a great post, TheFiend. Just brushed over the general pro's and con's of each available distro. Thats what I was looking for, not with all the B.S.!

    I will now be getting all the info that I can in regards to the 'Red Hat' distro.


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    well If we're talking about pro's and cons, this should be an interesting link

    MacOS, M$ XP and linux compared :


    Have fun choosing ,....
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    "A similar story plays out elsewhere in the realm of development tools. There are, it seems, simply fewer good tools available for the Mac. Says former Mac OS X user and programmer Maarten Hekkelman, "Windows is like heaven to a programmer. There are so many tools to chose from and the documentation is wonderful." Says Hekkelman, "Microsoft delivers a very, very good set of documentation and tools for developers. For free. It was a real eye opener to have such great documentation so easily available.""

    Lets see this in those ****in switch adds.

    Also i wanted to add this site as something to look at:


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    Well, I decided to add to this thread because iv gotten a little more experiance and decided to give my thoughts on the OSs i have used.

    Iv boughten alot of OSs and also had some given to me so ill list them here.

    My first computer had Windows 95 and it was in 1999 (im going on my 4th year of having a computer!)

    I have:

    Mandrake Linux 7.1: (bought it at best buy) This is a good distro for someone just learning and its pretty easy, The hardware support isnt the best but its ok.

    Mandrake Linux 9.1: (just got it the other day) This is a huge improvement to 7.1. I really do like it. Its fairly stable and i havnt had many problems with it at all. It comes with some fun games and has good hardware support and found my NIC fast. Also i didnt have to do much for my souncard to work. Id recommnd this for someone who wants to try Linux or wants a new distro. The new galaxy GUI is also pretty nice. Its not a huge RAM hog and it works well.

    Turbo Linux: (got it with system commander 2000) This is more for business people or someone setting up a work station. I wouldnt recommend this for basic web ad e-mail use. but if you have a business it might be good for your workstations.

    Red Hat Linux 6.2 : (bought this at best buy) This one is what made me really not liek red hat. Ivhad this thing **** my computer up multiple times. Last time it screwed my partition table by failing while it was writing it. before that my MBR needed to be re done. If you wanna try red hat id say go for 7.3 on up. It gotten a hell of a lot better since then.

    Red Hat Linux 8.0: (got this same day as mandrake 9.1, Im typing this to you on mandrake 9.1) This is a god improvement over 6.2 by far. but if your a power user stick with 7.3.

    Red Hat Linux 9.0: (got this same day as others) Pretty nice looking in my opinion. I havnt really tested it out much but what i saw i liked.

    Slackware : ( my friend bought me an older version and i now have 9 and 8.1) This si for Linux elitists. Its not easy and its not supr GUI based. This is for the people that are anti GUI. but, its also really good. not for newbies though unless your into BD S&M.

    Debian 3.0R1: (got this same day as others) So far i like it. im gunna try it out again pretty soon but its really cool. Again not for most newbies but a good one.

    Caldera Linux: Nice distro considering the company are ****ing dicks. Fairly easy to install and lets you play tetris while you wait for the install to finish.

    Open Linux: (got it from my best friend when i gave him Red Hat 7.2 and some software.) This is a good one. I like it and its not super hard. basuac users would love it.

    SuSE Linux: (Got it at best buy) THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Good for newbies and power users, I LOVE IT.

    Free BSD 4.0 Power Pack: (got it at best buy) Free BSD is awesome no matter what number is on it. Install is easy but not for newbies. etting up X is a pain in the ass though.

    Free BSD 4.7 (same as above so i ont keep typing)

    Free BSD 5.0 : (got it at the store a few weeks ago) This ones a bit different from the 4.x ones but its really nice. id recommend it.

    PC-DOS 6.3: ( got it with my computer from my unckle) This is installed over Windows 95 and it works out pretty good. if you have some really old system id say put it on, it works good.

    Windows 3.11: (got it from my unckle that gave me DOS) This sucked ass but it runs fast, I installed this After DOS. Maybe if you have an older system id say go for it but...not to good.

    UNIX: (got it from my best friend, duno how he managed to buy it but oh well) My best friend got me this and its not a burned copy, UNIX is the **** plain and simple. BUT fter what SCO is doing im not to sure ill be using this again soon. No newbies are going to like it but the people that use Slackware might. enjoy

    Windows 95: (came with computer) Good for games but thats about it.

    Windows 98 SE: (came with computers) I have 2 copes of this and i think two copies of 95...Its a lot better than 95 and a little easier to keep up. I had no probs with crashes but oh well. lol.

    Windows ME: (came with a computer) dont buy it and if you have it format your HD.

    Windows 2000 pro: (bought ti at best buy) This is really actually nice but can be a pain in the ass. its still good though. Shitty for gaming.

    Windows XP: (came with computer) I hve yet to have a problem with this. I really like it, its a good OS and can actyually play games. resource hungry but nice.

    Thats all for now people. Hope you liekd it.

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    You are are the first i have heard speak of using unix at home. Is it available at a reasonable price ? Is there a GUI or is it down and dirty? Is it even availabe? I would love it if you would elaborate on the subject pleeeeez (being a BSD whore i am very curious)
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    You can get Solaris 9 x86 from Sun for only 20.00, download the ISO's then burn. I've installed it a couple times, relatively straightforward, but really picky about hardware. Had to add the RealTek 8139 drivers. Hint: You don't really need the first CD.

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