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Thread: Connection Issues!?

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    Angry Connection Issues!?

    Hello AO'ers, I've recently bought a LinkSYS Cable modem and tried to set it up with my computer. Well my moms boyfriend also needs to access the Internet. He uses a Motorolla SurfBoard. Before I bought the LinkSys we used a router until i went to a port scanning web site and rendered it useless. We have one ISP account with attbi. Without a router, how can I use my LinkSys and my moms boyfriend use hes Motorolla. With only one ISP account. Is that possible? How can the common person activate his cable modem without the help of his/her ISP? Also what could I do physically to, lets say, my green cable box outside?

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    You need a router, or you can set up one computer to be your router
    by activating internet connection sharing. In that case, one computer would
    be connected to the cable modem, and to the second computer through
    a second network card.
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