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Thread: how does google.com functions

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    how does google.com functions

    i am supprised to see google doing lot of work
    i just wanna know how all these functions.how do they search all this
    i also want to have one like google myself but how is it possible
    and i also want to have one like news.google.com which updates it self from 4000 sites how is all this possible..

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    every website that is in google's database is catogorized in some way- name, main theme, keywords, etc. this is put into a huge database, and when you type in a search word, google runs that word through the database and matches your word up against all the important words in it's database, then ques up the resulting webpage. as far as automatic updates, i'd imagine it has somethign do to with google just choosing to refresh itself, which then means refreshing the info from the other websites which refresh automatically.
    and if you want to do it yourself the google way- major programming!
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    i just wanted to type the same post Johhnybluecrush

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    The first thing you need is to have 50,000 dedicated servers. Can you afford that? If not, better forget about it.

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    Google has been nice enough to explain it for us right here.
    Enjoy... its a decent read.
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    Hmmm..Its a big question. And google does NOT have 50,000 Servers. It funntions only in 100s and that too not state of the art servers. They are just normal machines. However, they rely a lot on distributed computing and hence the results come out fast.
    Their entire database is in containers and this warehousing concept makes the search precise and to the point. Again a speed diffrential.
    The other thing is their order of searching is prefix, and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. Their cyclic pagerank(tm) is a neat bit of algorithm with damping factors etc built in. I have studied google at great length and implemented similar small scale solutions, thanks to the explainations of the google guys.
    Let me know if you need more information.
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    Goggle ran with pigeon clusters. Thats just great

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    The latest that I read is that they are running on 50,000 servers - increase from 10,000.

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