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Thread: Teacher suspended for showing religion

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    Teacher suspended for showing religion

    I just wanted to get off the subject of war for a second. I came across this a little while back and felt like posting it.
    A teacher's aide is challenging her one-year suspension without pay for wearing a cross necklace, which officials say violates a Pennsylvania Public School Code prohibition against teachers wearing religious garb.
    go here to see the whole article. I can't believe this! Some of the laws that the U.S. has nowadays are so dumb! But this is just going way too far, I mean suspending an aide just for wearing a necklace is retarded. I don't see why the schools have such strict rules about teachers expressing there religion. A teacher wearing a cross on her necklace isn't going to hurt anyone! I have seen many teachers get fired for related things but this one is just going too far. Who agrees with me on this?

    [Edit] Another thing that I just realized is that American currency (dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) all say "In God We Trust" on them. How can we have that on our own money, but then suspend a teacher for a year who decides to wear a necklace with a cross on it! [/Edit]

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    Man.. that's so sad....

    Our HS (Public) had a born again Christian as a math teacher.... He mentioned God or Jesus or something religious about once a week.. and had meetings at lunch for a religious youth group...

    I remember a couple friends in HS who were lectured for wearing marijuana leaves on chains.. and pentagrams..... we used people where crosses as a way to get out of it.... .Marijuana is the offical sacrement of the rastafarian church... and pentagrams are very closely related to satanists......

    Religion itself has no place in the public school system...... other than religion classes.. (which I feel should be offered..... basic classes with intro's to all the religions of the world.. because there are too many people out there that have no idea what most religions are about)... but outlawing religious chains and such..... sheesh....

    That'll never happen in Canada.. they let a Mountie trade in the uniform hat for a turbin because of religion..... It's kinda funny... Our two countries have gone to the extremes... We need to find a happy-medium and share it... Because what happened in the US is going way to harsh, but what happens here in Canada is way to lenient.

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    I am a white male of European christian lineage, I have noticed that all of these politically correct diversity minded laws or acts stifle expression of my culture however the powers that be tell me that I have to accept and honor the display of other cultures.

    I enjoy cultural diversity, I enjoy learning of other peoples of the world. It really pisses me off when someone says I have to stifle my expression because I'm of the majority.

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    I agree with the idea that that is going way to far. Most religion's symbols could easily be argued to be non-religous. Ex: Jesus fish = I like marine life, Star of david = just looks cool, turbin = just as practicle as any other hat. The pentigrams HTRegz mentioned, well it's merly a symbol of magic and not nessiarly of satan unless the point is facing downward. Because of this it's not fair to assume it's religious and so can't be inforced.

    As for talking religion, it's a matter of if they want to listen. If the student want a teacher they trust's oppinion, they should be free to give it. If the students don't want to hear it, save it. Preaching to closed ears probably won't do much good anyway.
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    I feel very strongly about freedom of expression but when you take on a job with power ,set rules , responsibility and influence over children and you are forbidden from doing something ,you should respect that . The seperation of church and state is a very important for many reasons. hell , the us is killing for it .ie the war against terror is against islamic fundamentalism . If this person was anywhere else ie. outside of work ,day off i would be deeply concerned with the firing. The board may be a little on the picky side but where do you draw the line ? ( I can't believe i am standing up for authority , i must be getting old ,damn ,some one shoot me)

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