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    Another great book by them is the hackers challenge. these may be worth getting the new and old editions, since, of course, their different challenges. As far as I have seen all the tools on their site are the real deal

    Yes, the Hackers Challenge books are not "cumulative" like the Hacking Exposed series. The current Hacking Exposed book is the 4th Edition. I just got it but haven't read it yet.

    Keep in mind that the "Hacking Exposed" guys are also the Foundstone guys and they have a ton of other useful tools that you can find at their site Foundstone Free Tools or linked along with other free tools at my site About.com Free Tools .

    The Foundstone site also contains many good White Papers and other valuable resources along with books these guys have published aside from the Hacking Exposed series.

    This summer Osborne will be releasing a series of Cliffs Notes style booklets called Hack Notes, some of which are by some of these guys as well. All in all the whole series of books is excellent and the free tools are quite useful.

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    Well, I've read their book on win2k when I was doing my inernship as online administrator. simply fabulous! I haven't read many security books, but I think, that was great...
    thanks for their tools sections!
    Life would have been alot easier if I had the source code!

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