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    is there a program that free to download .swf files of the webpage that is a 3rd party software that like if it like a game or something that will allow to download to my computer?

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    if i understand you corectly you want to download flash files from webpages?
    you can do this with your browser:
    open source code there the flash file is named : sth. like
    <param name=movie value="swf/flashfile.swf">
    type this in your location bar: www.server.com/swf/flashfile.swf
    now go in internet explorer: add to favourits and make the site offline accesible
    internet explorer downloads the file and saves it in d:\windir\temporary internet files\content.ie5\xxxxx (xxx is a number like 789HEAEN )
    there you have your flash file...
    (just for the interested: if you want to decompile the flash movie: "******* swf decompiler"
    goto: http://www.*******.com/flashdecompiler/index.htm (40$ full version...))
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    Another handy tool: http://www.srctec.com/flashdecompiler/index.htm

    You will never use old methods again!!


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    The next trick after you get the flash file is to learn how to edit it. I'm still reading a book on Macromedia Flash.

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