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    Crashing IE

    Don't think this has been posted yet

    The source:
    Microsoft Shell Light-Weight Utility Library Denial of Service

    Release Date:2003-04-23
    Critical:Less criticalImpactoS
    Where:From remote

    OS:Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional

    Software:Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

    A vulnerability identified in a library included in Windows XP and Internet Explorer version 4.0 and newer can be exploited to cause a DoS (Denial of Service) on certain applications.

    The vulnerability is caused due to a NULL pointer dereference bug in Microsoft Shell Light-Weight Utility Library ("shlwapi.dll"). A malicious person can exploit the vulnerability by constructing a special HTML document, which will crash applications using the vulnerable library.

    An example was provided in the original advisory:

    <input type crash>

    Reportedly, the vulnerability can be exploited to crash the following applications:
    - Windows Explorer
    - Internet Explorer
    - Outlook
    - Outlook Express
    - Frontpage

    NOTE: Other applications may also be affected.
    There is no immidiate solution available.

    If this is regarded as a serious risk, then don't view untrusted HTML documents. Use another browser that isn't linked to the vulnerable library when surfing the Internet.
    Reported by / credits:
    Ramon Pinuaga Cascales

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    I found that if you save that file to a local directory and then select it it will cause explorer to crash also (Windows Explorer).
    That is bad because with that goes down your AV/FW.

    You can find some more IE DoS @:

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    ha ha ha ha ha
    A1 NO1 AL MAK

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    IE is
    you don't need to make it crash, it does by itself

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