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Thread: Free Hosting

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    Free Hosting

    So yeah its a fact, i wish to spend no money to host my site. like is there such a thing as truly free hosting....I mean who owns all this cyber space? Cant i host my site myself.
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    Unfortunately, if you want to host your own site, you can just do it. Load a web service on Linux like apache or IIS for windows. However, the only way people will be able to see your site is by typing your IP address. If you are on cable, your IP will probably change every time you reboot your modem. If your a SLIP or PPP user with a modem connection. then your IP changes every time you connect. In order to register a domain like yourname.com, then you have to dish out at least $15/year. Then you have to either get a static connection like cable and purchase an IP address from your ISP, or purchase a service that will manage your Domain Name so that it always points to the currently used ip like dynDNS.

    Since all that can be a litttle costly, there is free hosting out there. For example, [url=http://ww.brinkster.com] Brinkster [url] has free, ad-free hosting with server-side scripting and databse support. But you end up with an address like www28.brinkster.com/username. (Might as well be an IP address).

    I just recently went through this process, so if you need any help, email me.
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    I host my own site useing KeyFocus web Server at www.keyfocus.net and have been doing so for about a few weeks. Ive used it before for about a two month period, I use it for my educational purposes, giveing me experince in hosting and setting up sites. But is a full fledged web server. I am very impresed with their focus on security. Free updated versions are made available almost monthly. A new sin bin feature can detect malicious requests and at a threshold can be set to temporary or permanently ban a visitor from the site.

    It uses a web interface for administration, for those who don't feel comfterable configureing the server configuration scripts. Will work out of box. Very nice, its free but I think KeyFocus deserves some money for it.

    You might want to consider it, especialy good for beginers because its so easy to set up.

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    yeah, if you can, you should first look into hosting by yourself, cause most of the free hosts out there are pretty crappy. Another alternative is to have a site friend that can offer you hosting, but i would recomend hosting like angelfire or tripod, because they are very undependable.

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    also if your going to use a hsot that would make u have a long donaim then u can always use a redirector...jsut a thought

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    Good free hosting is hard to come by, most give you very little space to use and come with very long extentions. But some are www.angelfire.com www.geocities.com www.brinkster.com. You can get redirected urls to remedy the long url: www.randomname.tk www.cjb.net

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    Go to Freeservers.com, they are pretty decent, i use them for all my sites, i have like 6. u can choose your domain addy and all it consists of is like http://yoursitesname.4t.com or .8m.com or alot of other stuff. go there there pretty decent.

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    Freedom 2 Operate hosts my site. but you have to give a good reason for wanting an account and not all applications are accepted. However, if you do get an account, the facilities are brilliant and there are no ads whatsoever.
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    Aye if you just create a temperary accout with an ISP with say UKonline, if you dont dial in using them you can stiill use your username and password for absolutly free webspace, nobody has noticed at UKonline yet and you can get unlimited space.

    Again just a though, many ISP's have this flaw.


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    Another great idea is to just go through www.Angelfire.com You can then from there make an all html site. completely out of html. Then after you get that you can use a redirectory site like www.cjb.net and instead or ur site being http://www.angelfire.com/gazers/vamps or something it will be http://thename.cjb.net . ive done that many of times. -Twisted-

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