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    10 types of people

    There are 10 types of people in this world, Ones that understand binary and ones that don't.

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    oh come on people this is a decent joke isn't it?

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    yeah, its a great joke, expect for the fact that it is so widely known....just look at www.thinkgeek.com, they have a shirt with that on the front
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    dope, i guess your right somebody posted the exact same joke if you look at similar threads (at the bottom) too. oh well i am un-origional

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    Yeah I've heard that joke hundreds of times in my PC classes.

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    isn't it more of a pun, than a joke? I may be wrong about that.
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    never heard that one before, but it is funny once you realise how you have to interpret it, still good nonetheless

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    Yeah definatley a pun, punny indeed. Heh heh. It is kinda old though.
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