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Thread: Hacker/Cracker?

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    People have been using the word "Hacker" very ignorantly the past years. This is going to teach you what a real hacker is, and isn't and what a cracker is and isn't. First off a hacker is NOT someone who breaks into systems, a hacker is someone who builds stuff as in programs, and finds holes to patch. A cracker is someone who breaks into systems. As far as I can remember media has used the word Hacker incorrectly. Thats why crackers to the normal person are called hackers. Real hackers are OUTRAGED by being called one. Hope you have learned something from this.
    "A hacker builds something, then the cracker breaks it."
    -Daniel "Hacker Dan" L.
    Hacker dan

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    So when I write a Crypt progtam I hack, if i break into a system using it i crack

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