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Thread: Hello. I have a question about a suspicious attachment

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    Question Hello. I have a question about a suspicious attachment

    In one of my Yahoo Groups today, I saw an attachment that was "IMSTP.GIF"

    I didn't open it, of course, (I'm new to the boards, but not to security), but I just would like to know what it is. Web searches on it are not helpful what-so-ever.

    Is it some sort of web bug? If so, I'm afraid to report it to Yahoo as they may take the entire group down.

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    what makes you suspicious about it? it would appear from the name to be a .gif file... i.e. similar to a jpg - it's a picture. In and of itself it should be fine - UNLESS it has a hidden extension on it. e.g. .vbs, .exe, .bat etc I don't think it would be a problem but I would be cautious all the same if it has given you cause for concern. You might want to download it to floppy disk and check it with a virus scanner and a trojan scanner BEFORE you open the file - a virus can't hurt you until you actually open the file or run it as a program


    [edit]... I've done a quick search on google for the file... if the one you are looking at is about 494 bytes in size - then the gif will be a flasing envelope icon.... commonly attached to emails by the Incredimail email client - it's not anything to worry about if it is the same size - but of course it is easy to rename files... check the files size of that gif before you do anything else
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    Google turned up a bit on this, I think you may find its a little picture of an envelope that has been sent in via someones html enabled mail client .... maybe Incredimail ??

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    It's a picture, don't worry about it.

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    me, got the same file this morning, this was only a gif file mate, an orange envelope which blinkling many times , nothing has wrong with that.

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    Usually, it's pretty hard (although far from impossible) to attach anything malicious to a picture file of any sort. If you're worried about attachments, AVG is giving away a free version of it's virus scanner right now - http://www.grisoft.com


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    Thumbs up nothing to worry

    Hai friend!

    Nothing to worry if the extension of the file is only .gif if it prolongs as .gif.vbs /.gif.exe or any sort of dual extentions plz scan it perfectly on different avs.And u didnt specified the size of the file .If u see the file size is around 700-900 kb better think twice to open it or jst remove it from ur comp and be tension freeeee.

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