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Thread: ddos for hire

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    Angry ddos for hire

    Need to find a committed individual who can perform ddos on a little known site that attacked my site. I will pay for your services and they are urgently needed. PM me or email helpstop2000@yahoo.co.uk

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    Sure! We'd be more than happy to commit a crime for you. How much you offering?
    I've always wanted to see if the rumors about Buba were true...

    Dude... you've got this site wrong. This site is about how to protect yourself from things like this.
    Grow up. Read the FAQ(s). Get a life?
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    Come on now, why don't you try to LEARN something, maybe check out some threads on HOW a DOS attack really works.. Then join the white hats.. Your going down the wrong road.

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    I have not found on this site how to prevent them. Maybe if members like phishphreek80 could post helpful responses and not forum daddy ones things would be better.

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    Maybe if members like phishphreek80 could post helpful responses and not forum daddy ones things would be better.
    Maybe if members like egold wouldn't ask ridiculously immature questions, members like phishphreek80 wouldn't NEED to play forum daddy.

    The members tend to answer the questions that are asked. Your question was silly and unwelcome here.

    If you wanted members like phishphreek80 to post helpful information on how DoS or DDoS attacks work and what the best methods are for protecting yourself and defending against such attacks then you should phrase your question as such.

    What you did was the equivalent of chatting on a forum for expert marksman and asking if anyone would be interested in killing your ex-girlfriend for a few bucks.

    I have not found on this site how to prevent them
    How hard did you look? Did you find these threads?

    Question about DDoS?
    Denying DDoS on Web Servers! How?

    Those are just a couple with some info on DoS or DDoS. It is a common subject and I am sure there are many informative and educational posts on this subject in the AO archives.

    Maybe you should delete your original message and rephrase the question more appropriately for the answer you are expecting.

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    Egold..... First of all, instead of just saying that a single site carried out a DDoS on you maybe you'd like to explain how you identified this site as the initiator of the attack...... 'cos, you see, a DDoS is a _Distributed_ Denial of Service. What that means is that a lot off computers all attack the target...... Usually the machine that initiates the attack would not be one of them. , Thus, I for one, would be very interested in seeing how you determined that this is the actual attacker and not one of the innocent drones.......

    your call......
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    Thumbs up interesting point raised!

    Nice point raised Tiger!
    What I feel egold, is if you know how and who DDoS-ed your site then probably you would have idea to stop...
    If some other person told you who attacked the site, then you should ask 'em how he came to know this, and share this with us... but remember --- in any DDoS attack there are many systems involved in a single attack without knowing their act.
    Life would have been alot easier if I had the source code!

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