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    Thanks for the info. I have seen, in the past month, people going through dumpsters near my apartments. I live in an area with a very large student population, and I know from experience that people from that college age group are inundated with "pre-approved" credit-card mail, and the like, so I'm living in a virtual gold mine. Thanks again.


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    ya i just got done with a house where in the attic there are boxes of files and on the files are peoples names and there SS#. We just sealed the place off for another 30 years.
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    Excellent posts. I try to do everything in cash myself, but I still have to put some things on the check card.

    If anyone stole my identity though, they would just be stealing bad credit and an empty checking acct. Jokes on them. My credit can't get ay worse.
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    Internet is the major route for fraud to victimize merchants who sell and ship products and also for those who provide online services. If you are using credit cards to transact business using the Internet, protect your self against these thieves. Be responsible enough with your identity.
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    Spam...............thread closed
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