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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    Hello I am new here and was wondering is there any spyware I can install on my computer to see what my kids are doing without them knowing it and something I dont have to pay for lol

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    i would dig around at www.webattack.com or www.downloads.com they both have fairly large freeware sections

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    try ur search for keylogger on astlavista.com ... i suppose it will suffice

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    Hello. I recomend you take a look at:


    And like mentioned, webattack.com has a nice freeware section.

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    The best spyware would be to put the computer in a family room (if not already done so).

    There was a realy big online safety campaign here in the UK a couple of months back I can't remember the URL, anyone know?

    Do you have anymore details about what you want to monitor? ie web page visits, chat applications email?

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    Actually, believe it or not, the best spyware are trojans. A number of trojan packages are available that will let you log keystrokes and view them remotely.

    However, a fantastic commercial package is SpyTech's SpyAgent http://www.spytech-web.com. You can even get SpyAnywhere which lets you view logs remotely with a web interface. It will identify the window title that the keystrokes were typed in , it will transcribe IM conversations, it will timestamp everything and take screen captures. The only problem is that it's a bit pricey.

    Finally, you can try 007 Starr by IOpus. It does the same things that SpyAgent does. It will email logs to you.
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    its really nice to see someone teaching their children good ethics in the home(/sarcasm)...are you sure its not your girlfriend you want to spy on?

    If it is your kids and they really are not trustworthy then limit the times they can use the computer to the times when your there to oversee it. for crying out loud act like a man.
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