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Thread: How do i make windows XP faster?? And other OS!! get a RAM booter and etc. HERE!!

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    Thumbs up How do u make windows XP faster?? And other OS!! get a RAM booter and etc. HERE!!

    If you are a XP user, Try some of these things to make your XP and computer faster.

    Here how to do it

    - Tone down some of your effects ( meaning taking away the green and blue taskbar at the bottom, making it look like windows 98 and 2000 )
    start by going to my computer but don't click on it, put it on top and right click. Go to Properties. Then go to Advanced, and click settings, and a little bow will come up. Up at the top u will see

    1) let windows chose what is best for my computer
    2) adjust for best appearance
    3)Adjust for best performance ( click this one, u will see at the bottom all the little things will change to none)

    And hit apply

    U will see a big appearance change!!! but if u like the taskbar before this, go to the bottom one and click it and hit apply

    - if your menus are to slow ( when u click start and all programs, U wait a very long time for the menus to come up ) download a Tweak UI ( lighting menus)
    Download right http://pcworld.com/downloads/file_de...id,2803,00.asp there

    - Get rid of some color
    start by going to Properties,Settings. And at the bottom right u will see 32 bit. Change it to 16 bit ( doing this will get rid of some of the color on windows )

    Now with the other OS (windows can use this to)
    I copied and pasted the text to here

    - Remove all those stray DLLs from your system.Right here
    - Rid your system of adware and spyware with the latest version of this free utility.Right here
    - Speed up your PC by optimizing your system's memory.Right here

    You check out the site yourself u can download about 100 things to make your life easyer
    By going right here

    Hope i see u around... and enjoy the downloads... and i hope this helped you.....
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    here are a few more things to try:

    --Monthly, delete your %SYSTEM%\prefetch directory, and %SYSTEM%\temp directories to get rid of unneccesary clutter.

    --Disable unneccesary services such as Wireless Zero Configuration, etc. More Info

    --Use regclean every once and a while to clear out your type libraries in registryhere

    --Download a registry defragmenter and run it once a month

    --Download a trial of Tweak XP http://www.totalidea.com/frameset-tweakxp.htm and run some of the standard tweeks like DMA.

    --Overclock your CPU if you are a daredevil and/or you have massive cooling

    --Defragment your hard drive once a month with XP's defrag tool or something like Norton Speeddisk

    --Pour soda on your keyboard (this will keep you from changing your computers config and installing progs, meaning it will stay faster for longer)

    --Buy a Mac
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    Hey Doodz! Great post! Thanks A-Lot!
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