Hey Whats up All. Although I have never fully activated my account here at


I have been a valid user of its vast knowledge base for some years now !! But anyway My Alias is Darwin ! I have had a few different ones, such as "Camel", "Juggernaught", and even "Prince Charming" <P.C> hehe But I have been using Darwin for the past couple years and plan on sticking with it !. I have been working with computers sense the day I gained the functionality to press a key !.. at the age of 4-5 I was quickly learning all about computer software and Priracy from a great role model !! Thankz Dad !.. Our Every Growing Collection of C-64 Games Provided Many hours of non stop entertainment for him and myself.. For those who remember the days of C-64''s you my remember a Game by the name of "Park Patrol" !! Not that Difficult of a concept but you basicly collected pop cans that where left throughout the park !.. Wow Huh.. Well it was exciting for me at the age of 2 !!.. which is when I actually beat the game !.. And I must thank the Creators of "Park Patrol" Because it was the very first game I had ever beaten !.. and There was no ending to it.. No Credits nothing !.. on top of that The only thig it did once I had collected every can in that HUGE park was Crash my comp !.. Lazy Programers !! Never the Less Here I am today.. a Nerd of the 20th Centery going Strong .. Anyway its glad to be aboard !!. I hope to get to chat with everyone and pick your brains !!.