In my opinion D. Sparkes is quiet clear minded to think that employing hackers could encourage people to hack in order to be employed to secure companies!

I'll be interested to know if some ppl in AO follows that philosophy: Hack for their CV!

For me, I never be a hacker & I will not , I'm just a telecom engineer with security background learnt on the field.

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A hacker has more of an insight into the minds and workings of another hacker," he said. "Personally I think it would be a great asset to a company to have a hacker as a security consultant, or even as an administrator for security."

However, not all respondents were of the same opinion. David Sparkes, a systems integration engineer working in the telecoms sector, expressed concerns about the messages it would send out - suggesting many may come to think of hacking as a career move, something which they can later put on a CV.

"If you employ hackers then you are actually encouraging more people to become hackers," he said.