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Thread: Dual motherboards!!!???

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    Dual motherboards!!!???

    Has anyone ever tried to hook up two motherboards and two processors to a single computer? I would like to try, but I am not even sure if it is possible. Please advise.

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    Umm..., a computer with 2 motherboards would essentially be two computers in one case. If you did manage to put 2 mobos into a case you'd have a hell of a lot of ccooling, because 2 computers give you twice the heat... eventually, without some effort, you'd cook your two comps.
    The other thing is that with 2 motherboards comes 2 sets of RAM, 2 HD, you've already mentioned procs, 2 graphics cards (if you are using them) two keyboard, 2 mice, two monitors (unless you get a kvm..., two of every piece of hardware that you want to use on the machines..., unless of course you don't want to use something on one box...

    You won't get any speed increase, and the only reason I could possible see for doing that would be if you wanted to have 2 different operating systems at the exact same time without having to worry about emulation or whatever. I could also imagine somebody's want to do that with say a cluster so that they can limit the space that the machines take up, but they'd really have to be carefull about heat.

    Personally, I think you'd be better off not sticking to machines in one box, but hey... I don't exactly know why you want to do that...

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    never heard of anyone doing anything remotely like that, specially with windoze if you use that, it can be done with linux but you need 2 complete (boxes at least) systems, its called clustering and can be used to make many pc's appear as 1 pc

    if it was possible it would involve knowing exactly what everything in both mobo's does and everything about everything else on the mobo, but i dont think youd ever find an o/s capable of doing it in the way you describe apart from the *nix clustering solution, i gues if you had a couple of old pentium mobo's and chips etc and you knew exactly what you were doing and it didnt matter if you killed everything on both boards it may be worth a try just to experiment with

    the only other thing i could realte this to is that you meana dual processor motherboard, but thats not likely

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