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    Water cooled PC's, the next Gen.

    I just read an article in Tech edge about water cooled PC's. So I thought some info would be useful. (Actually I first thought this was a good idea before I saw the article, but i never tried for fear of shorting my motherboard.) Water cooling allows one to get more out of their PC, not alot more, but still more power from the processor. Also water cooling just sounds cooler and looks cooler then fans and heat sinks. The latest system on the market is Innovatek's Eheim's 1046, for sale for $225. Anyway they are for sale at www.highspeedpc.com/ Now you can really start overclocking on that ol' P4. A step-by-step guide at http://www.highspeedpc.com/H2Okit_setup.htm

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    Tis isnt exactly a new idea but i think its kinda cool (please excuse the horrible pun). I have 2 concerns
    1. can you hear the pump running. Given the relativley short time it takes to start frying the newer high speed processors i like to be able to hear my cooling system function. just a mtter of personal opinoin.
    2. What happens if one of those hoses break. I would hate to see the inside of this box that i spent so much time and money building get fried because of a faulty peice of rubber

    like i said justa few thoughts on the subject

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    Heh, that is why they got immersion cooling. Place the entire CPU into a tank of inert liquid, get some pumps going to move the liquid through some kind of intercooler so that the liquid doesn't boil (a good thing since the liquid used costs a whole heck of a lot).
    You can always set up some sort of device to monitor the pump..., I wonder if a psi meter could be installed so you could have a neat kind of mechanical feel to your PC.
    One of these days I am going to create myself one of these extreme machines...
    The engineering behind these things is so fascinating, its got to be a interesting problem solving project.

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    I watched a thing on tech tv about building a little switch so that everytime you turn on the computer the pump automatically comes on. I think that I'll wait a little bit more before I switch to water cooling.

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