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    Question Networked Computers

    Is it easy to hack networked computers, cause at my work we have been having problems with the computers. Like every so often they'd freeze up and we'd have to restart them only to have them do it all over again. We'd restart them in hopes that windows dos scan would fix the problem but it has been a no go situation. please help.

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    Is it easy to hack networked computers, cause at my work we have been having problems with the computers
    If a hacker uses a sniffer (tool that views network traffic) collect the user name and passwords, he will be able to gain full administrator access to the system without anyone knowing its that simple. Also, if the administrator has no idea what he/she is doing and everything is incorrectly configured then yes it would be rather easy to hack a network. Why dont you download a network based vulnerability scanner and look for vulnerabilities in your network then what ever you find patch it up.

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    I smell a BSOD...

    My recommendation to you is that if you do not have anybody in your organization who is skilled with computers, hire a technician for an hour or two to work with your systems. Clean, speed up, and tighten security. It shouldn't cost your organization too much.


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    like for example, the other day I was on the internet and I'd go to click on something and the POS would just freeze just like that. And then in hopes to fix it I'd restart it only for it to do it all over again.

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    i dont suppose u should link this problem of urs to be hacked or so first check ur PCs properly for any problem

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    Do you suppose a Trojan could have been placed on one or more of the computers?

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    You are running Windoze and complain of a freezing problem? Think of it not as a bug, but more of a feature. It has been a feature since Windows 3.11 The only known program that has the most anit-freeze in it, known to be made by Micro$oft, is Notepad. That is their only program that hardly ever freezes (I have heard of people freeze it).

    On a happier note, it is possible you have some driver issues providing the computers are standardized. Has your System Admin done a http://windowsupdate.com

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    You are running Windoze and complain of a freezing problem? Think of it not as a bug, but more of a feature.

    Tetris master, when your computers crash what where you doing When it stopped working? Did you make any system changes? When you attempt to push a PC beyond its limits your gonna experiece promblems such as, freezing, crashing, data loss, corruption, I would just like to say for the record Microsoft operating systems contain more than 50 million lines of code so there are gonna be a few errors. Lets not get in the dissing of "Microsoft", considering 90% of PCs use Microsoft products!

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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are using a m$ OS.

    I have experienced that with win9x several times. Win2k and XP are a little better...

    First thing I'd do is do a drive cleanup. Start --> programs --> accessories --> system tools --> disk cleanup.

    Select what you know you don't need. i.e. temporary files, temporary internet files, offline web pages, etc.

    Then if your PC doesn't freeze on you while using this application... I'd do some other general maintence. Search your hard drive for *.tmp, *.chk, *.log , etc.

    If you come up with a bunch of stuff that you know you don't need... kill it. (If you don't know if you need it or not... do some research on it before killing it)

    It is also safe to delete the windows update folders and files. If you search in the root of the windows update drives... you should see a file with a name simialar to "it is safe to delete this folder".

    Next, do a full scandisk. Automagically fix errors and do a surface scan.

    The surface scan will take a while but it will tell you if you have bad sectors.
    Bad sectors can cause a HD to crash over and over.

    Next, do a defrag.

    All of the other tools that I mentioned can be found in the same folder as the disk cleanup utility.

    After you have done all that... make a trip to windows update. Only apply what you know you need. This will cut down on the download time.

    If you have a suspicion that you've been "hacked" then do a virus scan with an up2date scanner. Also give the cleaner a try. 30day trial and then you can remove it. If you don't have antivirus software... what can I tell you. You asked for it? or... make a trip to Trend Micro for their online scan. I'm kind of leery about anytihing that can scan my HD over the web... so I'd think bout investing in some virus protection.

    If all else fails, and you are using a 9x varient... (used varient cause it can be compared to a virus ) then... time to think bout upgrading! Or... at least a format and a reload. But those are going to be your last options.

    As for your original ?... It is easy to "hack" into a network if you don't have any protection and don't have a good admin. Any joe shmoe can hack into an unprotected netowork... especially using default installs of ANY m$ OS.

    I don't know if I'd even call it a "hack". More of a gimme.

    If you find that you have been "hacked" come back with your results and we'll take it from there.
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    Tetrismaster101, instead of us guessing what could be wrong...why don't you give us some more details?

    What's the speed of your systems? What's the condition that they're run in? (when I first started working at my job, a major compliant was that the lab computers kept freezing, {166mhz running Win98,} I also discovered that the teachers only shut down the computers on Friday night) So, I downgraded them to Win95, and started shutting them down every night.

    They're still POS's, but hey, ya gotta work with what ya got. So, any more info you can offer would be a HUGE help in figureing out exactly what's wrong! Good LUCK!
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