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    No offense intended to you, TetrisMaster, but why is it that everyone lately has been blaming typical Windows problems on hackers? I mean, yeah, we all know that there are a number of known vulnerabilities and exploits for each Windows operating system, but blaming a simple crash on hackers? Come on... before you start blaming hackers, maybe you should start getting to know and analyzing your systems and fix any software- or OS-related problems. Also, if you do find that there are no Windows or application problems, install a firewall and check for activity. That will give you an instant answer whether the problem you are experiencing is network, or system related.


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    There's only one solution: Uninstall windows !!

    and please do not (I REPEAT NOT) click on this link
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    Try to get a decent tech in, or Defrag, Scandisk, and check the security access and privledges

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    the_JinX> You are diabolic

    TetrisMaster> As a lot of people said before me, it's probably time to clean and check everything in your network.
    But we can't help you more without having better informations. Do you even use a good firewall? Do you even have an admin? Are you the admin?
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    Originally posted here by Computernerd22

    Lets not get in the dissing of "Microsoft", considering 90% of PCs use Microsoft products!
    Actually, lets, because the other 10% are the ones that count - your statement is something along the line of "Let's not try to get rid of acne, because 90% of people have it!


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    Sorry the_JinX, I had to click the link, and bookmark it too... :-)

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    As it turns out we do have at least three firewalls, but I don't really know if they are software or hardware. then again it would problably help.

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    As it turns out we do have at least three firewalls, but I don't really know if they are software or hardware. then again it would problably help.
    Three firewalls eh? Mind telling which ones?

    Problems may occur when you overkill on things (ie. more than one AVKit, more than one firewall, etc.).
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    I think we have 2 hardware and 1 software firewalls.
    We also have Windows XP Pro, so I really don't understand what the deal is.

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