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like for example, the other day I was on the internet and I'd go to click on something and the POS would just freeze just like that. And then in hopes to fix it I'd restart it only for it to do it all over again.
You have 3 firewalls, and your machine freezes while you're using the internet? There could be several reasons for that, starting with incompatible proxy rules. I don't even want to think about the number of configuration "gotchas" you can have with 2 hardware and 1 software firewall between your machine and the internet.

Firewalls are usually "perimeter security" devices, they go at the edge of your network and maintain the proper separation/protection between your internal network and the internet. Having more than one is an unusual configuration and usually only employed in more complex networks with multiple subnets which have different levels of trust relations.

If you have Windows XP Pro machines, and your machines are freezing a lot, something is seriously wrong. phishphreek80's troubleshooting laundry list is an excellent one, but chances are you have network configuration issues (DNS, DHCP, and the afore-mentioned firewall issues) rather than machine-related issues.

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