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    FTP - where to find a good detailed online explanation of it for a uni asignment?

    im looking for an explanation of FTP to get some info for an assignment for uni, ive been through a few books, the RFC specification was just too much to even try to read, i want something that will give me the detail that i need (about 1500 words) on the main points of ftp, i already have info on some commands, active / passive modes and ascii / binary filetypes and such, if anyone could point me to a good online faq with good detail and broad range of topics it would be appreciated

    ive already done the customary google search BTW and that didnt come up with anything that was very useful at all, ive tried faqs.org as well as the linux doc project pages too

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    I don’t know of a faq, but here is a lay description of FTP.

    Still RFC’s are the best source. This one doesn’t seem bad.


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