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Thread: who's gonna win?? (m$ or the anti-m$)

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    who's gonna win?? (m$ or the anti-m$)

    who's gonna win???
    microsoft campaign who bets on the dot net framework,stealing technology from java & c++
    or the anti-microsoft campaign represented in linux,java,c++ and everything that's independant from microsoft
    but we gotta pay attention that microsoft owns the market of the IT field! (that's what i hear from those who work in the IT field)
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    Well, if Windows 2003 Server launches without someone finding some disgustingly huge security flaw, then i think M$ will only increase its share of the market. I have to admit, ASP.NET is lightyears ahead of perl and faster than JSP. However, ASP is bloated and pretty unmanegable without spending hundreds of $ to purchase Visual Studio, so if programmers sway to Java, I think thats where the market will head, otherwise hats off to William to using stolen ideas to his advantage.
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    "Well, if Windows 2003 Server launches without someone finding some disgustingly huge security flaw"

    how long did it take for XP to have a huge hole? a day? lol i dont think Microsoft will go away or die but i do think other OSs are gunna have a chance now.

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    I would argue that .net isn't light years ahead of perl. It is a noticeable trend that it takes 20 to 25 VB programmers to do the job of 5 to 10 Perl you could argue that all VB programmers are complete tools (I deal with both on a daily bases and would agree with that), but I chose to believe that the Language has something to do with that. I have also noticed a distinct speed advantage to mod perl over I am not only talking form experience here but also from discussions with other mid/large (2000+ employees) companies in my area (around 25 of them) and we have all noticed the same trend. As for "who will win" hopefuly nethier MS OS has its place and so dose *nix OS, and both developemnt enviroments have their place. I wish there where less paper MCSE screaming about how MS was better then anything else, its about useing the best tool for the job. Remember MS uses BSD for security.
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