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Thread: Avant Browser new version released!!!

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    Avant Browser new version released!!!


    The version 8.0 Beta 1 of Avant Browser (named before as IE Opera) have been released.
    For the ones of you interested here are the fixes and enhancements:

    Completely re-worked drawing engine promises to make Avant faster than ever (at least 20%).
    New visual style.
    Completely reworked menus.
    Detachable toolbars.
    Enhanced buttons customizing.
    Enhanced groups features.
    Enhanced browsing kernel.
    Enhanced highlight in the toolbar.
    Full screen now really = full screen!!! Nothing but the webpage. But, scrolling your mouse over the top of the screen brings up the address bar and the rest of the toolbar section and the bottom brings up the tabs section.
    Changeable Skins with Skin Factory.
    Lock the toolbars.
    Fly favorites editing, but only on the side bar.
    Resort favorites.
    View your history in all sorts of new ways, sort by date, order visited, site, etc...
    Large icons now implemented in the toolbar.
    More search options on the toolbar.
    64 Google mirrors have been added.
    Start up with multiple homepages.
    Create shortcuts to the desktop and drag and drop images to desktop and folders.
    Middle mouse button can now open new links AND do scrolling.
    Support windows profiles, all machine users can use Avant Browser now.

    Get more info and browser HERE



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    Sweet! I love it. Thanx man.
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