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Thread: Setting Up a server

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    Setting Up a server

    I just got verison dsl, I have been wating for High-speed forever. I wanted to set up a webserver But reading there TOS I found that you cant. Matter of fact, I could not find one ISP that does.

    My question here is, is there anyone here that has verision and decided to put one up anyways? If so how long has it been up?

    Also what do you guys think. If I put one up would they terminate me right away or warn me first and ask that i take it down. Oh yea and also anyone know why they wont let you run a server on a connetion you are paying alot for?


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    I had verizon for a matter of about 6 months and ran my server all that time. They never contacted me.
    However, I know a guy who does support for them and he has explained that they rarely if ever check for servers unless you are consuming a lot of bandwidth all the time. In the event that they do check for the server, they will warn you that you are in violation of the EULA (usually by email) and then they will disconnect you if you fail to comply withiin the alotted time frame.
    He too runs a server on the verizon network has had his server up and running for approximately 16 months without so much as a scan from Verizon yet.

    Reason for not permitting the server : Unknown as of now. I have speculated that it is because of the manner in which the lines are leased and the amount of bandwidth the ISP's have at their disposal. When you lease your line, the ISP has to be able to provide x kbps of bandwidth for your line in particular. With the amount you pay for an entertainment account, they could making more money off of it by alotting that same bandwidth to a company that will pay more for the benefit of an always on connection and the promise of immediate support if needed. You ever notice how little priority an entertainment account carries?
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    Just for your information, if you want to run a web server through Verizon's high-speed Internet service, you technically have to upgrade to a business account, rather than the residential account you are surely using. Business accounts typically allow for a wider range of services, including running web servers, VPNs, etc.


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    Typically your webserver will be running of port 80 and that would be what Verizon would scan for webservers. You could try running it on port, say 8080 so you wouldn't show up in a standard scan. Your site would then be at, but you can find a free service to redirect to
    Good luck!
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    I'm not sure of the specifics of your ISP however, here is what I'd check out/try out

    1) See if your DSL/Cable modem allows port forwarding. If it does, then you can create a perimeter network and place any kind of server you want there. You then place a router between your private network and this perimeter network and life is good. You only need one router and one hub to acheive this setup (along with your DSL modem ofcourse).

    2) Register with dynamic DNS. This will allow you to update your FQDN as your dynamic IP changes with your provider.

    Anyway, this is how I handle my setup at home. It works without a hitch.

    Here is a link to dynamic DNS:

    There are many others that do this like TZO, etc. You can choose whichever you like.

    Hope this helps!
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    I run my own server, off of shaw cable, Canada. Don't worry, everybody includes those clauses in to the TOS. It's usually only so that when somebody sets up a file sharing site or something that has heave traffic, they have the ability to shut them down. If you're only going to have a couple of hundred people come to your site, you're probably ok.

    EDIT: I've been running it off and on to learn PHP, sometimes I get a few hundred hits, sometimes none at all.

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    I was about to say that just put up any server or file sharing program, they never say anything about them and today they called me... Or I actually called them:

    Me: "Hello. Our connection has been down for some two hours..."
    ISP: "Yes, I've actually been trying to contact you... Have you got some file sharing program, like Kazaa, running there?"
    Me: "Errrr... Mmmaaaybe."
    ISP: "You know, our automatics locked down your connection because it jammed the main connection for the whole house. People have been complaining about extremely slow connections."
    (At this points I was like **SSHHIITT**!! but then he continued: )
    ISP: "Personally I think people should be allowed to download whatever they want and how much ever they want to and I, too, have got Kazaa. It's only the up going traffic that bothers us, that's limited. For the download there's no limit of any kind for you. If you use Kazaa then set the upload speed to some 5-10 kbps and upload slots to 1..."

    I was like ok, ok, that's some good info. I actually use dc++ but I just wanted to get away with the call. According to dc++'s counter people have leeched 1,23 gigabytes from me today plus yesterday and during the night about 1 GB... Maybe I should move to Kazaa Lite so that I wouldn't have to share anything, who knows. A better solution would be a program that limits the up-bandwidth because dc++ self doesn't do that. I already found one, Bandwidth Sharper, but it seems to be commercial and not downloadable for free.

    That's how we are doing here in Finland.

    So as a conclusion I wouldn't really recommend setting up a server, especially if it is going to cause heavy traffic. Algaen already mentioned it but if you set up a server do change the port to something else than 80...
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    Just a note, if you do want to use a different port other than 80 and want a good redirect, use You can get a URL like, or Easy to remember, and is completely free. They also have some other redirects too. I use it for my web and FTP at home.
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    sorry to be off topic but this is to acidrivehb

    I've got an account now with dynu and was wondering how to put info up. I've been using apache on my computer for local testing only and was wondering if i could use it to host the dynu account. I'm assuming you would need to change the bit in httpd.conf from
    servername to servername

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    Servers and ADSL's

    I have a server myself.. My ISP knows about it....
    Heck I have a multi domain server on my ADSL
    I have 3 DNS servers running in 3 different
    locations including a second ADSL and several more

    My ISP only bitches if I forget and left
    Bearshare on in sharing mode.... OOPS!!!
    Damm RIAA bitched at my ISP....

    I do not use a lot of local bandwith and I have
    lots of bandwith to play with.....
    1.536 MBs down and 512K up....

    As a note: Most domain web servers use
    very little bandwith unless you host
    a very popular file.... like Adaware 6....
    That pulled down a T3 and stalled my main
    server.... OUCH!!!!
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