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    Linux Boot

    i have n my pc SuSE linux 7.0 and win98 , 1st i installed the win98 and then the Linux , now i camn get into the linux , i dont have the boot .... , the linux didnt put boot in the PC and i dont have the LILO , what can i do ????

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    If you have the CD-ROMs, most Linux distros offer a boot prompt.
    At the boot prompt type.

    boot: linux root=/dev/hdxy

    where 'x' is the hard drive where the root directory is located.
    a=first hard drive
    b=second hard drive, etc

    where 'y' is the partition where the root directory is located.
    1-4=your primary disk partitions.
    5 and up are your logical partitions.


    boot: linux root=/dev/hda2

    In this example the root directory is on the first hard drive second partition.

    boot: linux root=/dev/hdb3

    In this example the root directory is on the second hard drive in the third primary partition.

    Once linux is booted assuming you want to use lilo as your boot loader. You can configure /etc/lilo.conf and when completed execute the "lilo" command to install.

    see http://www.control-escape.com/lilo-cfg.html for more information on configuring lilo.

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