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Thread: AntiOnline Downloads are Infected

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    AntiOnline Downloads are Infected

    Not that i expected much, but the downloads you have on your website for progz such as Anonymous Emailers...and all those script kiddy progz are infected with trojan horses.
    I would've thought you could at least clean the trojans out before putting them up for download. Check out progz like UpYours under anonymailers. You should put a clear notice up on the first dload page in big letters for newbies to say some files r infected.

    Just a thought.

    Adam Warlock

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    I downloaded all three versions of UpYours we have in our archieves, checked them with AVG, McAfee and Tauscan... nothing...
    While it is true that most of the software in the archieves is malicious, even illegal if used improperly, I am under the impression that UpYours just does what it's supposed to do. Could you tell me what trojan you found it infected with? Since that file has been in the archieves for a couple of years already, any virus/trojan horse-scanner should pick it up...
    Soo... if you found something, let me know what, and what scanner picked it up

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    Check them with Norton Antivirus 2003 Pro Edition.
    And make sure you update the latest antivirus signatures.

    Up Yours has a trojan horse in it and so do various others like Nemesis.
    I forget which exact ones i downloaded, but i have downloaded 3 different anonymous email progz from this website, and after running antivirus i have 12!!!! trojan horses on my system which i had to quarantine.

    Adam Warlock
    Adam Warlock

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    As Negative said, which "trojan" were the files infected with? These files are not new, they've been on the system for years now, so if they contain anything at all the anti-virus programs would pick them up.

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    awarlock, the archives are designed to show what crackers use. That means rootkits, bruteforcers, scanners, and yes, even Trojans and uncompiled virus code. If you cannot handle it, do not ****ing download it.

    Problem solved.

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    I have used pest patrol evaluation several times.
    It says glide and l0pt are 'pests'.
    If you would like to send anonymous email without being harrased by av products use an online service like:
    all-nettools or hushmail or something.

    Like nixguy said the files in there are meant for you to study and understand how crackers work.

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