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Thread: POP-UPS ARE EVIL! please help!

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    POP-UPS ARE EVIL! please help!

    alright- i know that pop-ups are an inevitable part of the internet, but i think i've found the WORST pop- up site of them all. anyway, i visited this site, and not only did it give me many, many pop- ups that particular time it's still causing me to have pop-ups whenever i open up IE. it also gave me a ton of new links in my "favorites," as well as automaticaly changing my homepage, and downloading like, three casino things. it put about 6 files on my desktop, and in general irritated the avacadoes out of me.
    my wondering is- (A) how do i get this annoying thing to stop bothering me with new pop-ups, addittions to my favorites list, etc. and (B) what's the best way to protect myself against such nonsense if i ever want to visit this site again?
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    Here you go : http://download.com.com/3120-20-0.ht...ler&tg=dl-2001
    Install one of these...these stop future popups..

    Now install adaware 6 : http://download.com.com/3120-20-0.ht...are&tg=dl-2001
    This one will give you control and qaurantine those nasty adware and spyware.

    Don't forget to run an antivirus regularly...

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    Personally I like Spybot S&D over adware...but get one of them. Make sure you update your AV and your anti spyware program regularly, and stop going to free porn sites
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    you can get a pop-up buster, or use a different browser.

    Mozillla is a nice open source browser. It has a built-in pop-up buster.
    Make sure you cover at least these two:
    Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Scripts & Plugins > uncheck unecessary scripts
    Edit > Preferences > Privacy and Security > Popup Windows > check "block unrequested popup windows"
    and no more popups!

    much more configurable than IE and comes with a web composer, mail proggie and irc client.

    there are many more browsers out there, but since i dont have much experience with them, i cant tell you about them. i will let others do that...

    the problem i have with free pop-up blocker apps is that they tend to advertise just as much, if not more, than the popups they are blocking. if you are going to go the popup blocker app route, you''ll prolly have to buy it to get th results you are looking for.
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    obviously this isn't a solution for everyone...

    i used (@ work on win2k) the MicroSoft Internet Transfer OCX to build a custom browser...
    I simply added a checkbox to allow PopUps...

    i only turn it on when i'm at AntiOnline and other web-sites where i like the popups...
    anyway- it again, wouldn't work for everyone, but a little coding can go pretty far
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    You could also try the Opera7 browser. http://www.opera.com
    It has a built-in popup blocker that you can customize to show all, none or only requested popups.
    It's also a pretty neat browser in and of itself.

    /EDIT Sorry, now it's Opera 7.10
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