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Thread: top ten AP earners

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    Question top ten AP earners

    I have been lurking here for about 6 months watching everything and learning lot but one thing that has me a bit confused is the top ten AP earners list, so im going to make a poll.

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    Where do i click "Yes, i think they deserve it"? These options this poll offers are not right. I disagree with the way you have formed the answers, since i agree that they deserve it. I can only vote for a negative answer towards them. Thats not a poll, thats just a choice of how polite to say "no, they dont deserve it".

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    maybe i'm a bit out of line... still being some-what new to the boards and all...
    but i've never seen antyhing useful from them either... i'd have to agree.
    although i don't post/read to much in the non-computer related forums, maybe that's where they get all those points...
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    Can I make a poll that says people with more then 1 account can't make polls or even post????

    Debwalin lost over 1000 antipoints in the last month (log in with your addicts account and you will see this). Becasue there were all negative points assinged to posts from over a month ago, and were comming at least 6 to 10 a day, jmpman decided it was best to give her the points back. If you were paying any attention and lurking like you claim to be, you would be asking how she went from being off the top10 list a few days ago, to jumping back up to #4. Which leads me to believe that this is just another account by the same person trying to cause problems because you have absoutely no life and need to get your head out of your ass, walk outside, and look at the sun... yes its out there... see that big glowing ball.... go play out in it.
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