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Thread: Another great marketing idea by M$

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    Talking Fate or coincidence

    This is in the letters section in the new issue of 2600 magazine. Though ya'll might like this.

    Source: 2600 Magazine

    Regarding Mirco$oft's aptly named "Palladium," I find their choice of nomenclature extremely intriguing. The New English Penguin Dictionary defines the meaning of palladium as : "something that gives protection; a safeguard." Fair enough. We can see Mirco$oft's motivation behind the naming convention. However, the attached etymology states: "via Latin from Greek palladion, epithet of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom. The safety of Troy was believed to depend on a statue of Athena" (dictionary extracts edited for brevity).
    So she failed in her endeavor, looking more foolish than wise. It absolutely amazes me that Mirco$oft names their proposed technology after a statue that watched over a city that was famous for its capture by means of a Trojan Horse (according to Greek mythology).
    How ironic! An apparent paradox? Is Mirco$oft building a large hollow horse which it hopes to deliver to unsuspecting Trojans (users) as Palladium? Fate or coincidence? You decide.

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    ah Microsoft ...always coming up with some ideas...

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    Exclamation an interesting article

    The issue of 'Palladium' has me both confused and more than a little worried.

    I am only beginning to realise what the world of copmuters offers, and am an intelligent individual, but as I said, am only starting.

    I found this article on the Wired News website. It seems to be sort of like a bit of a 'sell job'. Maybe some people may be able to help me better understand the situation at hand. I'm reading all the information that I can get about the proposal, but find I'm just becoming more confused. The need to weed the bull$hit from truth is more than necessary seeing that it is such a monumental change in the operation of computers as we know them presently.

    Anyway, take a look and see what you think.

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    from the makers of win98/win2000/winNT/winXP we bring you the new winTROJAN! hah, It's probibly just a name that M$ forgot to look into? thats the only explination I can put forth right now.
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