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Thread: Creating Website

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    Creating Website

    I have a few questions. I have IIS 6 and I want to make a website. How do I make a layout and what program do I use. Another thing is how do I import it into a web site creator like Frontpage or another builder??

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    For building the site I'd recommend an editor like FirstPage from http://www.evrsoft.com

    It has great tutorials.

    As far as a layout I have to do it on paper or 3x5 cards, I can be dyslexic.

    Your host will tell you how to get it on the web, you'll need a FTP program, try ws_ftp.

    hope that helps

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    If he is using his own install of IIS 6, then he doesn't have a host. Make sure that the WWW Service is running on your computer. I believe the default location is c:\InetPub\wwwroot\
    Place all of your files in there for your website and then just point your browser at your IP address.. You can then look into a DynDNS so that you can just update it everytime you reconnect and can give people a hostname rather than a string of numbers to remember. Makes life a little easier for everyone. If you are running IIS make sure you use the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser as well as the IIS Lockdown Tool..... I'd also recommend grabbing the demo of the LanGuard Network Security Scanner and running it on your system if you are going to start opening up services to the public. All of these tools can easily be found on google as I am far to lazy to search for the addresses right now.

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    well, yeah, first you need a host. Possably angelfire.com or tripod.com. They're not too much good hosts, but they may be good for your first. Also, to make a layout, i use photoshop 7 and dreamweaver. You should also look into learning about the <table> tag cause they become very useful in coding a layout

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    as far as firstpage goesi had to unistall and almost doa clean format because it has a virus in it..sumthign names popup from hell or sumthign to that effect i forget. Dreamweaver I like a lot abd i do all my layout on paper..easy to erase but bobdelex..he has IIS6 he wont ned a webhost...he is the host lol

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    Well to learn HTML, you should check out www.lissaexplains.com or www.htmlgoodies.com they have lots of information on HTML, and lissaexplains has some on javascript and CSS.

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    front page is for people who dont' know there code.

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    front page is for people who dont' know there code.
    ummm not always - i think most of the members who know me will be able to tell you that I know my html but i still use dreamweaver - heh i even use it at work.....oh yeah and i work as a web-designer, lol

    just cause you use a wysiwyg doesn't mean u don't know ur code - i'll use dreamweaver for the main bulk of the layout and then tweak it by hand - it cuts down production time a hell of alot


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    I like Dreamweaver too. It has built-in libraries for HTML, CSS, and JS. It really helps you understand the codes more...
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    I have strong feelings against FrontPage. Just look at the code from a web designers stand point it is so screwed; thatís why servers have to have FrontPage extensions. There are many better options my favorite being Macromedia Dreamweaver. One it doesn't plaster its name all over your source and two, it doesn't make editing the code impossible when doing it in straight HTML. There are also many shareware ones such as Coffee Cup http://simplythebest.net/reviews/cof...ML_editor.html

    I Hope I have been of Help,

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