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Thread: What does modules really means in vb?

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    Red face What does modules really means in vb?

    had some question about vb and its modules. first i thought i knew what the module and what its all about, but now im getting blur what it does or only its just some other function in vb or parameters or some outer function like ms access or other. Could someone or something help me cleared the cloud out of my head??? tq

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    A module is simply a set of global functions that can control any object in your spider web of forms and coding(like C++'s main.cpp). Modules could be considered driver code. A form can only modify the controls and variables it contains, but can call functions in modules which can then control other forms and controls. Public data members in modules can be accessed from any other programmable object in your application. Basic rule of thumb is, more than one form, you need a module to maintain application state and serve as a communication proxy between forms.

    Unfortunately, VB is a great example of Microsoft's lack of vision. Although it is very easy to program, and interface design is a snap, the actual programming model is severely flawed. In programming, there really isn't any such thing as properties or forms or controls. They are merely instances of classes.

    My advice is learn a real Object Oriented language like C or Java before you mess with VB. Everything will make a lot more sense. Take the advice from someone who learned VB first
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