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Thread: Kickin virus sends fake SARS mails

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    Kickin virus sends fake SARS mails

    That was all folks!

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    Pity we have to register at the site to view the inf...
    Could ya be obliging and give us a hint of the info so we can decide if it is worthwhile registering!

    Try This

    In the latest example of computer virus writers capitalizing on current events, a new email worm uses fears about SARS to entice users into opening a file attachment, infecting host machines and helping spread the virus to other machines on the Internet.

    The worm, W32/Coronex-A (Coronex), is a mass-mailer worm that uses Microsoft's Outlook e-mail application to send copies of itself to unsuspecting recipients, according to an alert from antivirus company Sophos.
    from http://enterprisesecurity.symantec.c...eid=2146&EID=0
    And Info on the virus and removal

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    Sorry, due to maintenance it was locked!!!
    That was all folks!

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    F-Secure received the first submission of Kickin worm on 7th of May 2003. However, the worm appeared in the wild a few days earlier - we received its notification messages before we got the actual sample.

    This worm is 109056 bytes long and it's packed with UPX file compressor. Kickin is very similar to Cydog worm variants but it is rewritten in Visual C language. Kickin can spread via e-mail, IRC and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks Kazaa, Edonkey, Bearshare, Morpheus.

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