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    Free AV from AVG

    Since the promotion from Panda Software has ended I give you a start link below to download free AV from AVG

    RTF First;f=2;t=000013
    That was all folks!

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    Lightbulb AV

    Good stuff for the AV!

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    I've used AVG for just over a year now, and as long as it's regularly updated, it works pretty well. Good looking out, Support. I'm glad someone informed some of the n00bs around here.
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    Yep, AVG is free and cool
    Works very well, and has never caused any problems on my pc. I have used it for 6 months now.
    I did not do it.

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    Not happy at all with this AVG stuff ... I have used it 2 months and has a lot of "holes"
    He need`s a lot of updates .. untimed updates. I have make the comparation with Norton ...
    After my opinion for windows :

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    Don't overlook AVAST4. They have a free version that regularly scores 100% in the various AV tests. It's available from The only thing you need to do is download the free version and within 90 days get a license key and enter it. Updates are almost daily or every couple of days, and I think it's worth the look

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    Guys!!! Let's get real. None of the products we talk about is the best and this is for sure. Due to the fact that worms viruses hoaxes and in general malicious codes appeared in world every minute there is so difficult for companies to compensate these kind of situations immediately. Thus in a rolling world some of the companies grab the situation first some others come second. This is why there is not a chance that will have the 100% best AV.
    That was all folks!

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    Amen to that, Support. But to Chuck56, I'm glad you pointed out that there are other really good AV systems. Personally, I can't stand norton and I know of many that feel the same as I do. Also, you can set up AVG to update every day if you want to. the more updates it needs, the better it works, if you think about it. If you update it a lot, your AV will be up-to-date.
    If at first you don\'t succeed, try again. Then give up. There is no sense in being ridiculous about things!

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