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    Problem with processor

    Bad problem here. For some reason my computer (Win 2k) is reporting 100% processor usage. I think it is contributed to a virus off Kazaa but i am not sure. Please advise.

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    if you search for kazaa "100% processor usage" in google it comes up with this

    it's self explanatory, might be your problem
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    It would be nice to know which process(es) are taking up the 100%.
    If you go into your Task Manager, and then into the Process tab you can check how much of the CPU is taken up by each process. Sort the list by CPU usage by clicking on the CPU column header. Which processes are taking up most of the 100%?

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    Just a quick question. do you run seti??

    this program uses all the available processing power, so when the computer is really idle, seti uses all the proccessing power. but when another process needs it, seti drops what it needs.
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