Though I have been a member for a while, I haven't introuduced myself, because i feel no one gives a (expletive). Anywho, I figure, why not introduce myself anyway. I am only a member because I enjoy the concept of hacking and would like to become good at it. Of course I only know a little and I really mainly use this site to download things to kick my friends offline. Its all in good fun of course. Aside from that I think I find no real use in this site, though the toys n joys are amusing. Aside from that I run a third rate star trek website, and I lead no life. I epitomize the term geek perhaps to the point where it means something other. I also spend most of my time in front of the tv, either watching it or playing games. I i listen mostly to classical music however rock is okay too. I like to make fun of canadian because in truth i envy them though i don't ever show it. Well that is all that I am currently willing to tell, because I am also a recluse. of course that doesn't matter. good bye and oh by the way in case you were thinking it, I am fat.