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Thread: MSCE / CCNA --Approx Time and Cost?

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    MSCE / CCNA --Approx Time and Cost?


    Are courses needed, or can one just study and take (one?) exam?
    What are the approx costs for the exam?
    Approx costs for courses?

    Im a recent college graduate with an IT degree. Im working at an entry level IT job right now, and im looking to pick up some certs so in about 2 years ill be able to have a little more on my resume when i start looking for real jobs. Im in the NY area.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who could drop me some info!

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    MCSE is a lot of exams (7) and no the courses are not needed if you know what you are doing and work in the feild, but studying is needed...the microsoft way and the right way to do things are often very difrent and for the exams you need the microsoft way.
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    exams cost $125, x 7 MCSE exams + 1 CCNA= $1000
    1 book per exam avg price $50 = $400 cheaper if you find used or discount prices

    so a total of $1400, which can be done.

    I forgot to mention time, I took a test a week. Schedule an exam, it will motivate you to study.

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    Padre is right, but if you want to take the actual classes and do the labs in a lab enviroment, (and you cannot set up a lab at home) then you might want to take the MCSE classes. Those can range from $1200 to $2500 a piece.
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    I'm only gonna take CCNA classes. They cost classes + documentation + exams = €1500 ( approx. same in $)

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    I took the classes (NT4) but had to study the material I got for 6 months before I felt I was redy to take the exams.

    I found the Exam Cram books very good tho.

    You could try to read one book, and take the exam, and go from there ....
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    I've been managing NT systems of one flavor or another since 94 and I can pass the test given about a week or two of studying... I am good at test taking though.

    There are other admins that I work with who are not so good at test taking and they would have to study a little bit longer. Although I would think that if you work with the stuff everyday, and you really put some effort into studying, you should be able to get an MCSE in less than 6 months. One of the main reasons this cert is starting to mean very little in the real world.

    I would work on the CCNA first as people have placed a lot more credibility onto the cisco exams. I have also heard the cisco exams are more difficult, but I have not taken one, so I can't comment.

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    If you want to become MCSE i would grab the change and dl the Windows 2003 server evaluation.
    It runs on 133 mHz i believe.

    If you have no old box buy a second hand one and set up a lab.
    Get the books and self study.
    The best thing you can have as an admin is hands on experience.
    There are also some 'virtual study labs' available online.
    Fore example:

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    I work at a small company. We have a few cisco switches and routers (not sure the numbers on them)

    We are also running Windows2000 on all our client machines. This would probably make for a good study enviornment. In fact, im pretty sure my boss has most of the books for the Win2000 MSCE exams (although im not sure how soon they become outdated) He is MSCE certified, and has already told me that i can even use time at work to study, plus he'll be there to help.

    As far as cisco, i took a class in college and we learned some basic stuff. (Encapsulation, defining basic routes, get the routers to talk, ect).

    Obviously the MSCE takes longer then the CCNA if it's 7 tests as compared to one. No one at my job is CCNA certified. Maybe ill try and study for that, and if all goes well, then i can work on getting an MSCE....

    So let me get this straigt one more time....
    I can simply sign up for the CCNA test, take it in one day, and become CCNA certified?

    also, padre, you got your MSCE in 7 weeks then? (assuming you past each test, each week)?

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