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    the NEW Hacker test

    I saw this over at New Order (its a few days old, so I hope I'm not repeating what someone else posted)

    It's a pretty good survey with lots of questions that really test your computer nerdiness, like
    0039 Ever define your own numerical type to get better precision?
    0145 Ever used == for = in math class?
    0146 ... put a ; instead of a . at the end of your sentences?
    0147 ... Did your teachers give you a funny look?

    Check it out, it's a good/funny read.

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    I was bored.... and had nothing better to do.. so I decided to give it a try.. I think i've seen it before.. but I got 0x13F (319).. I suppose I prolly could go threw again and there's a few that if I wanted to think I would beable to answer yes... but meh... that does the trick for now..

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