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Thread: How you define the best Anti Virus?

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    How you define the best Anti Virus?

    Place free your bets.....

    on these below

    To consume less resources?

    To be updated daily?

    To be user friendly?

    To have fast response support?

    To have low price?

    You can reply here if you wish or place a post at the below link

    at this link http://www.virusinfo.bz/UBB/ultimate...002;p=1#000000

    Thank U
    That was all folks!

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    I think Resources and response support are the most important things when choosing an AV. With the quick response would come the daily updates, and user friendlyness isnt very high on my list.
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    Low resources are important to me, I think with bulky dev librarys like MFC its becomeing harder and harder to find a program that doest hog all the memory resources and drive space. I run on a low grade system but have found some quality programs out there that work with my restrictions.

    Definately I think updateing every day would be a requirement in my eyes. Panada antivirus upates daily AFAIK, I use AVG and configured a upate at 8AM every mourning. New viruses are being brewed by foolish script kiddies every day. Once a week I think doesnt cut it anymore.

    User friendly is important to me as my mother uses the computer too and she cant stand these dos console windows I like useing so I have to keep in mind her needs.

    Fast suport definately a requirement, if I report what apears to be a new malisious file I want them to investigate, the longer the wait, each day the virus may spread.

    So I vore for all but my most important features i look for are low resources, and a combination of how fast reported viruses are added, and how many false alarms.

    Has anybody here used Kaspersky antivirus http://www.kaspersky.com/ I am considering purchaseing a copy.

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    I dont think i could define a best antivirus. The best one would have to be able to recognize new ones without interfering with anything that isnt. That is impossible. But i would have to say yeah low use of resources would be a great thing to have.

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    journy101 Kaspersky AV is a very good product but you will see your PC melting if you run full manuall scan.
    I have find the best easy and low memory resource consumed the Bitdefender.
    You have to try both to see what I mean.
    That was all folks!

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    must defines with my 3-S :
    1. Simple
    The AV must be simple and easy to use
    2. Safety
    Cheap enought
    3. Speed
    Fast in detecting Viruses in my network

    For present i love Norton Corporate Edition...

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    Well The bestdoesnt come cheap (but it doesnt also mean the most expensive so the price is out.
    Speed is mportant but not very important(you could leave it to scan your machine over the night for example).
    Low consumption of resources is very important.
    Another issue is compatibility, i think the best antivirus should be able to run on all the platforms possible (you should notchange your antivirus every time you change your operating system ( sometimes what happens is that people change the whole operating system because there is the new version of the antivirus which runs best on a certain operating system).
    to be user friendly and easy to learn is important too.

    hpe this was helpfull


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