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Thread: security flaws in Windows

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    security flaws in Windows

    Hey Everyone,
    I was surfing the internet and i came across a web site. It talks about the Flaw in windows security, Well here it is, http://www.vnunet.com/News/1134683 (for windows 98), http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/ar.../bz/bz05a.html (a article about flaws in XP), http://www.itworld.com/AppDev/1471/I...y/pfindex.html (windows media) And here is another article,

    Microsoft Corp has disclosed more flaws in its Windows operating systems, the most serious of which could let an outside attacker take over a computer.

    The software company yesterday advised that all users of Windows install a free patch to fix flaws in its "virtual machine" for translating applications written in the Java programming language. Microsoft termed the threat "critical".

    Microsoft also disclosed "moderate" flaws in Windows 2000 and XP and advises administrators of Windows 2000 servers and end users of Windows XP to download a patch.

    The flaws involve a failure to encrypt certain kinds of data and an error that causes Windows XP to fail when sent certain kinds of bad data.

    The flaws, detailed on Microsoft's Web site, are the company's 51st and 52nd security bulletins of the year.

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    Not to bust your bubble, but these issues are not new. In fact, one of them is about 2 years old.

    Good to see that you are trying to be helpful but these flaws have been covered in *great* detail and patches have long since been available for these issues.

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