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Thread: quick question (thanks)

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    quick question (thanks)

    im just wondering if i need a firewall (zone alarm) on my pc if i'm using a router. Another thing, i don't understand why freebsd can't read my router and won't let me go online unless I plug my usb ethernet card directly to modem.

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    First off, a router doesn't give you any REAL protection. So to answer you first question....YES. You do need a firewall. ZoneAlarm, however, would be my LAST choice. Try Outpost www.agnitum.com.

    You could set up your freebsd as a gateway box and use ipchains/iptables to do your firewalling. It's a bit more invloved than this forum would allow (and I don't feel like typing that much) but there are great sources on google.com to help with your configuration. Plus this site has had many many threads dedicated to doing just this. Just search and ye shall recieve. Good luck.
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