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    boot cd and DOS in WinME

    Not exactly sure where this post really belongs, but there have been two things that really aggrivate me about Windows ME:

    1. Is there any way to enter DOS mode without doing it through Windows?

    2. Is there any way to boot from a CD-ROM, because NetBIOS Live! works as a boot CD on Windows 98, but not on ME.

    May sound retarded, may sound stupid... but help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Hey

    1. Throw in a bootdisk and then turn the computer on.... I'd suggest a Win 98 boot disk... You can find the files you need to create your boot disk here

    2. I'm not real sure what you mean here.... You're booting from a CD-Rom or Floppy or Hard Drive... that has nothing to do with your OS. Your computer finds the files to boot from based on the CMOS settings that the BIOS loads. If you have your boot order set to CD-Rom, A, C, then it will check the CD-Rom for a bootable CD before attempting the floppy drive or the harddrive to boot your installed OS. However if your boot order is set to A, C, CD-Rom or C, A, CD-Rom then It will find the MBR and then the OS boot record and boot off the Hard Drive without ever looking at the CD-Rom

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    1) Press (I believe) F8 at start up and you can boot to the command prompt.

    2) Your BIOS determines whether you can boot from a CD-ROM or not. It doesn't matter if you're running Windows 98 or Windows ME.


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    can you press F8 and boot "command prompt only"

    configure your BIOS to boot from a cd. if that won't work, boot into the command prompt and load your cd with mscdex /D:mscd001. change to D:> and execute the file that should "boot". use the 98/ME install diskette to boot to a prompt and load your cdrom. it will fail because it expects a windows cd, but it will dump you back at the prompt with your cdrom drive loaded.
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    I think you should: 1.set the boot order to "Floppy first". 2. Give her a Dos floppy. 3. Enjoy your Dos

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