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Thread: Deep Freeze

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    Deep Freeze

    How do you get past deep freeze? this sucker takes out everything that i use to have fun. What would be the bestr way to get buy it's deffence. I don't know howso if anyone can help that would be great.

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    You really need to think about what you are asking... You come here and ask how to essentially 'hack' deep-freeze. This is not a forum for hackers, this is a forum for security. I assume that your school has deep-freeze and you wish to by-pass it so you can download things and wreck havock on the network. Not a bright idea. If you wreck the network by flooding it with downloads, you will not only hurt yourself, but everyone in the school as well. Now if you are running deep-freeze on your OWN system, and wish to remove it then please check out this link... http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=233909 as that kind of question was asked before. Remember if it is not your system, leave it alone.

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    What would be the bestr way to get buy it's deffence.
    Buy and use your own computer.
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    Hey Ozone man, the easiest way to get past Deep Freeze is to use a boot disk for the OS specified, or Windows 98. From there, you can delete the directory that Deep Freeze resides in, and tada! No more Deep Freeze!

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